A reader writes:

Dear Eduwonk:

Your Lyndie England idea is top-shelf. This has dollar signs written all over it. How about we pitch some Hollywood types on an Odd Couple meets buddy cops meets education reform series.

We’ll cast the Earth Mother as the schoolmarm, Felix Unger type. She’ll be the scold/straight man. Lyndie England will be the irascible but likable Oscar Madison of the show. The Earth Mom will try to get states to behavior better thru equal parts shame and diplomacy. But when she’s not looking—BAM!—Lyndie comes in and drops the hammer. Earth Mom can have a clever catch-phrase like, “Oh Lyndie, will you ever learn?”

This is money in the bank. If people watch C-list stars compete in a dance-based reality show, they’ll eat this up! I know you Dems are all tight with the Hollywood crowd. Can you make a meeting happen?


An entrepreneurial reformer

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