Lew Alcindor, Norma Jean Baker, S. Boston Harbor Academy, and now….

“The Charter School Leadership Council, the nation’s leading nonprofit representing the voice of the charter school movement, announced today that it has changed its name to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to better reflect its mission.”

Nice move. At the golf this weekend, we were paired with kindly retiree whose daughter teachers at a Florida charter school. “You work at a charter here in Boston? Great. Now, that’s a private school right? I mean, the students pay tuition and all?”

So getting citizens to understand the “public” in “public charter schools” is a big priority for the movement.

Just as abortion opponents have tried to frame pro-choice as “pro-abortion”, charter opponents try to use language like “privately-run.”

In a related story, when Eduwonk (the man, the myth, the bassmaster) returns, he is rumored to be changing his blog’s name to this.

– Guest blogger GGW

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