Get A Load of Broad

CONTEST: A Malcolm Gladwell Connector Award will go to the Eduwonk reader who personally knows the highest number of these 23 spanking new Broad Foundation Residents in Urban Education (48% distaff – now that’s more like it!)

This 2-year training program recruits superstar MBA and law school grads who will hopefully rule the K-12 world in 10 years or less. Philanthropy at its best. Special shout-out to Emily Lawson and Suzanne (no relation) Goldstein. Only quibble: just 2 Duke alums?

PRIZE: Coveted MATCH School T-shirt. Email your 6-degrees-of-separation claim to

At ease: Don’t confuse this cohort with the ex-generals and CEO types who make up most of the Broad Superintendents Academy.

-Guest Blogger Michael Goldstein

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