Eduwonk is back, and baffled. At the time of departure there was a mostly constructive push toward using scientifically-based evidence in education led in no small part by the Bush Administration. Upon return it’s all intelligent-design all the time…wasn’t the rap on this president that he’s stubbornly resistant to change?

Eduwonk finds himself in Utah now at a very interesting NGA meeting…and they’re serving Dove Bars as a snack! Nice, but get ‘em now, that won’t last under the Huckabee regime

Thanks to Michael Goldstein for a great week last week. Look for more guest bloggers in the future to keep things lively.

Also, readers may have noted a technical glitch in the last 24 hours that caused the site to be down for a while. Sorry, we’re moving the blog to a new server. Should be fixed now but please pardon any more interruptions.

That’s what prompted the letter below from a concerned reader. Rest easy, all is well.

I see that Eduwonk is down. That’s a shame. But was predictable. You pushed your French talk too far and were likely fingered as a traitor. I suspect you have been incarcerated and are being reprogrammed. Best of luck with that.

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