The Supremes and the schools — what’s next?

With all the coverage of Justice O’Connor’s resignation from the high court the impending battle over her replacement, there hasn’t been much talk of educational issues that might come before the newly constituted Court. Ed Week posted this web-only retrospective on O’Connor’s role in public education cases over the years, such as her swing vote in the Zelman voucher case. But what about potential nominees’ views? Where do they stand on vouchers, prayer in schools, and other perennial Court topics? Slate‘s candidate-by-candidate roundup doesn’t include education among the topics addressed, though you can pick up some tidbits under the church-state separation heading for each of them.

— Guestblogger Bryan Hassel, Public Impact

P.S. O’C onnor’s legacy on display as she steps down: Zelman declared Ohio’s Cleveland-only voucher program legal. Now, Ohio’s legislature is expanding the program to 14,000 kids statewide.

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