New NAEP Results…Earth Mother Storms The Bastille!

New NAEP results just released. Earth Mother declaring victory. More later.

Update: First AP wire report here.

Update II: Instareax: Certainly some good news and Earth Mother is entitled to a victory lap because critics surely would have pounced had the data gone the other way, or even flat-lined. Still, probably a little early to declare victory for No Child.

That’s because despite some good news for the black-white gap in math and reading (though it’s still a gap that must be aggressively attacked), except in the early grades the white-Hispanic gap remains stubborn in math and reading. Overall the news is not as good in high school as in the early grades but that’s to be expected and points to the need for more supports for struggling students and schools and more intensive (read resource intensive) interventions in the later grades.

Instapunchline: A lot still to do but one indication that when you actually focus attention on student learning, instead of say, creating a Department of Peace, kids learn.

Instaadvice to Ds: Don’t attack, looks small. Instead put forward some serious big ideas for what the federal government could do to take this to the next level. After all, this was accomplished (by educators it should be noted) despite a truly astounding amount of bungling from the Bush crew).

Instaadvice to Rs: Tough luck, good news but surely not enough to distract attention from the leakgate feeding frenzy.

Instacynic and possible angle for despondent NYT types: The way this was released sure cuts it close on the requirement that NAGB release the data first….and some Rs were apparently talking it up earlier in the week…NAGB in the tank? It’s a handy way to write the story and bury the good news!

Update III: Cynicism-free Ed Week story. In-house Brookings cynic Tom Loveless: “There’s no question, those are outstanding results…”

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