How To Build Support For NCLB Now…Plus…Skanky School Inspections!

Per the item below, it seems that with No Child Left Behind on the scene suddenly state accountability systems that were previously vilified (though not without good reason in some cases) are now pretty popular.

Essentially, even among their former critics, state accountability systems are a convenient foil against NCLB. “Our system was just great until this damn NCLB came along…”

It’s a natural dynamic in politics so here’s a freebie idea for Earth Mother and the President to turn it to their advantage: Propose that Adequate Yearly Progress be required globally by the United Nations! John Bolton as global superintendent!

Would likely make the NCLB debate obsolete in no time…

Bonus Freebie Idea: Make Lyndie England a global school inspector. If the NCLB consequences scare people…

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