Failure Is NOT An Option

This one is kicking around all over the net, but was simply too good to pass up. The same people who brought you Benny Hill and Monty Python, give us this latest bit of hilarity: They want to ban the word “failure” in schools, replacing it with the more child-centered and constructivist term “deferred success.”

For those getting an early start on our Hi Bob-style drinking game, I believe this means you are looking at at least three swigs.

Read the story here. Seriously, it’s like butter it’s so good!

UPDATE: Alert reader suggests that N.Y. Yankees skipper Joe Torre will henceforth refer to strikeouts as “deferred hits.” It is amazing to me how many Red Sox fans have been swirling around this site this week. I am getting close to going with the nuclear option. (Two words: Bucky… Dent…)

— Joe Williams

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