Dog bites man at NEA convention

Aren’t news organizations supposed to avoid “dog bites man” headlines? Apparently not this week.

Readers will be heartened to know that higher salaries are just one of six NEA strategies for getting “great public schools.” Here are the other five according to Ed Week’s coverage of the convention:

1. Outreach to minority groups, to dissuade many of them from their misguided support of things like No Child Left Behind and school choice
2. Increasing NEA membership
3. Advocating at the grassroots
4. Fighting No Child Left Behind
5. Closing the achievement gap

This is one of those lists that pretty much speaks for itself. #5, at least, relates directly to increasing student learning. But it’s a goal, not a strategy or a program. No doubt, there are lots of competing ideas about how to close the achievement gap. None of them, however, seems to have made it into this list.

– Guestblogger Bryan Hassel, Public Impact

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