Any Eduwonk Readers At These Meetings?

The San Diego Education Association recently held informational meetings for teachers working in schools that were listed as 3rd year AYP/PI (Adequate Yearly Progress/Program Improvement.) You can see their notice here. Under No Child Left Behind, the 4th year is when double super secret drastic things happen to these chronically failing schools like this.

It would be interesting to know, from any participants at the meetings, whether any presentations were made to attendees by the dues-paying teachers at those four San Diego schools who voted this year to convert their 4th year AYP/PI schools into charter schools. The hunch, obviously, is that these meetings were called SPECIFICALLY to prevent teachers from stepping out of line again this year and voting for that kind of local autonomy. Prove my hunch wrong someone!

If you were there and can comment, drop a line to

— Joe Williams

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