Pinch-Hitters…You’re In Good Hands

Eduwonk is off for some summer travel including several work trips and a little R and R with the Eduwife. (Her summer is packed as she plans to fly fish in Montana this summer, spend time at the beach in her edukini, do some painting and projects around the edupad, work in the edugarden, and she’s got eduwork too…writing a professional development curriculum in her free time.)

Eduwonk’s trying to keep up with her and for readers this means Guest Bloggers, and plenty of ’em. Posts by guests will be clearly indicated but you can look for the writing of Richard Colvin starting tomorrow and running through next week. Then Eduwonk returns for a few days before Bryan Hassel takes over for a week. Then, after another week of normal order, Joe Williams steps in for a week. And, from August 3-10, Goldstein goes wild right here on Eduwonk! And, Eduwonk’s comrade Sara Mead will likely turn up from time to time as well.

Colvin is director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media and a former education writer for the Los Angeles Times. Hassel runs Public Impact, a North Carolina-based public policy consulting firm (and he’s also co-author of the Picky Parents Guide). Williams is an education reporter for the NY Daily News and author of the forthcoming Cheating Our Kids. Goldstein is the founder of the MATCH School in Boston. They’re all interesting folks with plenty to say so stay tuned!

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