More Huffie News…Now Piscal Has Gone Wild!

Where is Snoop? First it was Goldstein going wild and baring it all in Boston! Now, outstanding principal, good guy, savvy poker player, favorite football coach of Meryl Streep, Eduwonk friend, and current Huffie Mike Piscal has gone wild, too!

In his inaugural Huffie Post post he lays out some depressing numbers about South LA:

• 62,000 school children in grades K-12. If it were its own school district, it would be the 5th largest in the state of California.
• There are 3,950 students in the 9th Grade at the four major high schools: Crenshaw, Dorsey, Manual Arts, and Washington Preparatory.
• Only around 1,600 graduate from these four high schools.
• Over 2,300 drop out.

Most horrifying:

Each year, of the 1,600 graduates from the big 4 high schools in South Los Angeles only 900 go to college. Of the 900 who attend college, only 258 graduate from college…Half a billion a year and the end result is 258 college graduates a year!!!


He spreads around some blame and names names…

And remember, most importantly, no more charter schools in places like South LA…they might really screw things up!!!

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