Free Castigate The UFT Two!

ICE, a newsletter published by dissident UFT members in New York who oppose the current leadership of UFT head Randi Weingarten had this blurb about the UFT charter saga:

One of the best things to happen in Chicago (and I’m sure elsewhere) is that UFT is being forced to back off that charter school nonsense. If Randi and Leo (Casey) had gotten their ways and opened those charters, it would have set the opposition to charters elsewhere back five years, a fatal setback at this point in history. Charter schools in Chicago are the vanguard of the privatization of public schools, more dangerous than vouchers. The fact that UFT was blind to how serious its decision to charterize was for the rest of us across the country can’t be overstated.

Also, on the NYC charter issue, don’t miss this special collectors item pro-charter school story from the NYT based on an analysis they commissioned of the new NYC scores.

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