CA Moves

Today’s LA Times breaks the news that the Governator will name Alan Bersin as the next state education secretary in California. Bersin is a former Clinton Administration official and is currently superintendent of schools in San Diego (though he’s leaving in June).

A lot of implications here as a commentary on national education politics, not just CA. Bersin, lifelong Democrat working for the Governator…Joel Klein, lifelong Democrat (and another Clinton official) depending on a Republican winning reelection to keep his job…and more than a few Democrats populating the Bush Department of Education…it’s an issue that Ds must confront.

More on San Diego from ‘I’m Rick Hess Bit*h’ who has studied San Diego in-depth. (Though Joanne Jacobs characterizes Bersin’s tenure as unsuccessful??? The story is a lot more complicated than that.)

Update: Second day LA Times take here. Note the acid comments from the CTA. That’s what they call foreshadowing…

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