If Dissonance Were Oil We Would All Be Rich!

No less than Teachers College honcho Levine (and a chorus of educators) says we’ve got a big problem with the ed schools…but nonetheless our talking points from the home office are to not let those pesky TFA’ers, New Leaders, or Broad fellows anywhere near the schools at all costs!

Update: More here. Great article from The Chronicle’s Glenn, with more pushback.

Update II: Hess on the march? When Rick Hess said basically this same thing about teachers and leadership a few years ago he was assailed as a kook, or even worse in educational parlance as a — gasp! — “conservative”. Now, Levine’s basically saying it, too. More Hess here from the current Educational Policy. Hungry like a wolf? Hess is like the Duran Duran of education policy, once only listened to in secret, now hip and trendy.

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