High Performing – High Poverty Schools…And, A Sandi Reminder

Let the debunking begin!

In The New York Times a must-read Samuel Freedman column looks at efforts in Rockford, Illinois that seem to produce results for a school and its students, but sadly run afoul of orthodoxy and apparently conflict with other district reform efforts.

Thankfully, and refreshingly in view of his valuable piece of real estate, Freedman is rapidly becoming a real thorn in the side of the establishment. Must be that he just doesn’t get it. It’s not about the kids, c’mon, they’re just passing through…it’s about the system!*

And from KY, the Pritchard Committee has a new study (pdf) out about high performing – high poverty schools.

*By way of illustration, this recent episode in San Diego really shows this. Alan Bersin’s critics hardly ever went after him about educational issues; it was mostly about how he worked with other adults, teachers, the board, etc…That’s what matters, right? After all, the kids come and go, but c’mon, people have to work here!

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  1. I agree with you — that is a MUST-READ column by Samuel Freedman in the NY Times.

    His column is a sincere and serious highpoint, in contrast to some of the other info and humor on my new parody blog about the on-going chaos in a school district.

    BTW, my parody blog was recently featured pn THE GRADEBOOK education blog of the St. Petersburg Times. Enjoy:

    Something to Laugh At…

  2. PS This new superintendent, a retired Army colonel, has inspired even more blogs:

    Dennis Thompson Responds

    The above blog features over 50 actual Letters to the Editor against him, as well as four videos on the on-going turmoil in this school district.

    Then there’s the Dennis Thompson Background Quiz, with a new bonus question at the lower left —

    Dennis Thompson Background Quiz

    The teacher Thompson has apparently targeted in Collier is the founder of a local peace group. Also, journalists were evicted from a HS parking lot by Thompson (who called the Sheriff). the alleged criminal act committed by local jhournalists was apparently trying to report on a student protest against Thompson and his plans for their schedule.

    More info on the Quiz site above and the bonus question. Enjoy!

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