A Note To Readers

As a consumer of – or paranoid about – this blog, here’s some news you should be aware of. Last week, Virginia Governor Mark Warner, appointed Eduwonk (in real life Andrew Rotherham) to the Virginia State Board of Education. It’s an honor to serve, particularly because I have benefited from the state’s public schools and universities. Virginia has a nine-member appointed board and this is Warner’s final appointment to it. Virginia has a one-term limit for governors so he is not on the ballot in November’s gubernatorial contest.

How will this affect the blog? Probably not too much. Posting will be lighter from time to time. Although I enjoy writing the blog, it can’t take precedence over other obligations and the really important stuff like time with the Eduwife, fishing, or best of all, fishing with the Eduwife – who is a noted menace to Virginia’s smallmouth bass with spin or fly rod.

Other conflicts? Well, it’s no secret that Eduwonk is a big fan of Warner’s work on education. See, for instance, posts here, here, here, and here. So the record is already pretty clear there. In terms of perceived conflicts with national issues that also bear on Virginia, if you think one exists and hasn’t been adequately addressed, please feel free to send email to “education AT dlcppi.org” with feedback. Many of you helpfully do this now. Thoughtful and/or humorous feedback is often posted.

Of course, without breaking professional confidences, I write on what interests me, what I have time for, and what I think interests readers based on your feedback and traffic patterns. So, as in the past, it’s useless to infer much from things that do or don’t get posted beyond those basic parameters.

Finally, there may also be a few more guest posters from time to time. We’ll take those on a case-by-case basis and they’ll obviously be clearly flagged as other voices.

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