Trouble In MI Part Deux: The Throwdown In Motown!

Per this post, it looked like Michigan Governor Granholm was trying to force out state schools chief Tom Watkins. Now Watkins is firing back in a 4-page letter that is sadly not available online. The letter rebuts specific criticisms about strategic plans and low-performing schools, but includes a host of real zingers. A few highlights:

I have read and listened with interest to the comments you and your media spokesperson have made regarding your dissatisfaction with my job performance as Michigan’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I am surprised and perplexed that you would say these things as neither you nor any of your staff have shared these concerns with me personally, and given the fact that we have met on nearly a weekly basis to discuss education issues….

…I urge you to direct members of your staff to cease bullying members of the statewide-elected State Board of Education to sell out their convictions and their support of me.

I have been told that you have asked special interest groups to discredit me and convince my supporters on the State Board to fire me, as a “personal favor.” These State Board members are highly respectable people who are following their conscience, integrity, autonomy, and Constitutional oath of office…

Stay tuned!

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