Strong-Arm Gate, Day II: Bush Department Of Ed, The Gang That Can’t Flack Straight

More on Strong-Arm Gate. Following the trail laid down by USA Today’s intrepid Toppo, Washington Post and New York Times weigh-in. Harsh Post editorial, too. They’ve also lost the amen corner.

What’s amazing is that there have been a lot of phony attacks on the Bush Department of Ed, and through it all Democrats like George Miller and Ted Kennedy have stood by them on the core aspects of the NCLB policy. Yet despite all this, the Department apparently never seemed to realize that they should clean-up their act and watch themselves because they were not paranoid — lots of people were out to get them.

Instead, what do they do? They hand NCLB opponents yet another public relations coup on a silver platter (and bizarrely paid a million dollars to do it!). The NEA should save all the money they’re investing in their various anti-NCLB front groups and coalitions; it’s not needed with this gang. The gang that can’t flack straight.

This outrageous action puts all supporters of the NCLB policy in a bind.

Post reports that House Ed and Workforce Committee Chairman John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) agreed to George Miller’s call for an investigation. Watch out for follow-up stories, who knew what, when? Ugly.

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