Reader Query…Strong-Arm Gate: Show Me The Money!

Regarding Strong-Arm Gate, a Democratic Hill-type writes:

What would be great is to know how much EVERYONE is spending on PR on this thing [NCLB] — from NEA to Business Roundtable. My guess is that $240,000 is peanuts. Journalistic ethics aside (I’m sure NEA has its fair share of not yet uncovered questionable practices over NCLB). It’s getting to the point of absurdity. Adults are spending more time and money on spinning this damn law than they are on figuring out ways to improve implementation so the law works better for everyone. The law is here to stay, even if Congress seeks minor changes to it. So, Spellings needs to clean up the Dept’s act and start spending its money more wisely while doing better job of reaching out to schools and educators. And, opponents need to quit wasting so much money trying to undermine it and start working with the Dept.

Sounds like a good follow-up story for some intrepid reporter…

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