Mea Culpa!

One reader writes to set Eduwonk straight:

You and the New York Times have been generally supportive of the No Child Left Behind Act since its conception, and apparently you still don’t get it. This is a plan developed by southern white conservatives who have been working to destroy our public school system and fighting for vouchers and tax money for religious schools ever since Brown vs. Board of Education in the 50’s. Unable to accomplish their goal of public funding for their White Christian Academies in an honest campaign for vouchers, they have used the same incremental approach this administration has taken toward the debates about freedom of choice and flat taxes. Through the use of “disaggregation” in their use of testing scores to create failing schools, the right wing is working to accomplish their ends, one school at a time. This should be called the “Re-Segregation Act.” It’s no coincidence that the “newscaster” they bribed is African American, a group you might imagine would be most concerned about re-segregating the schools.

Yikes! I should have seen this all along…

How’d they get Ted Kennedy and Bill Taylor to go along? That’s clever and diabolical…

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