Per this post, a reader writes that:

“Agree with your “don’t paint unions with a broadbrush” comments, but I would like to offer some additional precision. My experience is that any union with a role in education is opposed to charters or wants the law changed to be like their “deal” in the traditional schools. Just to be safe, I tend to use the term “education unions.”

As we have seen in XXXXX, the administrators’ union is just as bad as the teachers’ union. I don’t get any sense that any of the other 7 unions (9 total) like charters either. More than anything, they are opposed to the concept of giving employees a choice of whether or not to choose to be in the union. They know that when you have membership locked up, it’s only a matter of time before you get everything else. They may hate the loss of money to the district, but it’s not the fundamental driver.

So your comment is correct as long as the union has nothing to do with education. That still leaves A BUNCH of unions that do not need to be needlessly antagonized.”

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