Buster Unmasked! Spellings Gets Her Priorities ‘Straight’!

Here is the dangerous and subversive rabbit that the new Secretary of Education is protecting us from. Yes, today’s subversive radical wears an orange shirt, carries a red backpack, and has floppy ears. Forget the achievement gap, keep your eyes peeled for this fellow:

By the way, per the post below, according to a few emailers the people that Buster the rabbit visits are real people not other bunnies engaged in people-like work. Whatever. Eduwonk has no idea having (a) not seen the show and (b) frankly not caring because it’s ridiculous that United States Secretary of Education is spending time castigating or censoring animated bunnies, and worse still in an intolerant way that looks transparently calculated to score political points. Besides, this whole business of psuedo-outing cartoon characters is ludicrous.

Andrew Sullivan has more.

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