Tough Love, More Acronyms, Lots Of Math…And, A Little Gossip

Arlene Ackerman on tough love for some low-performing schools in San Fran. The nut of the issue is buried in the 7th graf, worth reading it all… Also, see this new ECS paper on school restructuring.

If you’re into TFA, KIPP, or the PGA then you’ll be sorry if you missed this special on ABC on Saturday.

Chris Correa writes about the Flynn effect and math education and Wash. Post’s Strauss writes about math education. NYT’s Dillon looks at declining enrollment of foreign students in U.S. higher ed, multi-causes, long piece. Worth reading.

Gannet’s Weiser writes up the annual Boehner-Kennedy dinner (which really pisses off some true-believers in the anti-voucher crowd…).

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