Three Reports, Two Gems, and One Sandi Irony!

Check out this new report from Jobs For The Future about helping low-skill/low-literacy adults through community colleges. And, while you’re at it, check out this report on teacher quality from the Center For American Progress, some pretty good stuff in there. Finally, do not miss this study on the disconnect between the leadership of CBO’s and the constituencies they serve… Update: Alert reader JJ points out that there is a good hook for after-school programs buried in the CBO study…

NYT’s Winters writes up the latest Gates Foundation initiative, early-college high schools. Also in the NYT, another gem from Freedman.

From San Diego, don’t miss this deliciously ironic nugget: Incoming board member and anti-Alan Bersin water carrier Mitz Lee says that the board must shun “special interests whose agendas do not serve our children.” Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh wait, she wasn’t kidding…The local paper runs this straight, apparently missing the irony. But the editorial board comes down hard on all the shenanigans out there.

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