Watching Charters, WA, NC, and IDEA

NY Daily News’ Williams takes a look at an interesting argument put forward by NYC’s Klein in the school finance case (but possibly too late in the game…).

Here’s a case of poor charter school authorizing from MN. They’re experimenting out there with allowing a variety of community entities to sponsor public charter schools. But, for the authorizers, as Spiderman learned, with great power comes great responsibility. Looks like it was not exercised here. For the school’s part, a lot of poor planning and apparently, according to folks on the ground, an aversion to taking advantage of various supports that were in place to help new schools get off the ground.

Here are some interesting thoughts on charter schools, rural communities, and the WA state referendum. Via Jacobs.

Wonder why some teachers are understandably skeptical of pay-for-performance schemes? Here’s an indication.

Keep an eye on IDEA during the lame duck session. These folks will! Via

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