Too Much Law…And Not Enough In VA (And Don’t Forget To Vote)

Jenny D. has more RFK on education, good reading. Eduwonk’s only seen these transcripts in print so kudos to Jenny D. for taking the time to type them in.

Common Good has a new webpage that illustrates the excesses of legality in public schools and how law can thwart educational goals. NY Daily News’ Williams has more here.

Need more evidence that there is a health care problem for kids? A new study in VA reports that almost one in four children in the state’s foster care system are there because their parents are seeking, and cannot afford, mental health care for them.

Man, it just sucks when you don’t have choices in the public system…

In The Washington Post, Jay Mathews looks at reading instruction in the early grades.

Finally, totally unrelated to education policy, but please take a minute and vote for Pat Tillman as sportsman of the year over at SI. Some of the others like Lance Armstrong and Emeka Okafor are certainly class acts and deserving, but this year Tillman is a big cut above (and he’s only 3rd in the voting right now…). Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for calling attention to this.

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