No doubt, with a phenomenally close election looming, people today are less interested in eduwonkery than in politics. Plenty of good stuff around the web but a couple of highlights are: New Donkey if you’re looking for fast-breaking analysis, particularly about the political dark arts that we’ll see over the next 48 hours; Bull Moose if you’re interested in observing smartly written and high-level conservative angst in the closing hours; RealClear Politics and Slate (they have the race where Eduwonk had it last week–Update: They’ve changed their minds!) if you want to track the polls and what they potentially mean; and Mickey Kaus for probably the smartest (and funniest) analysis of what it all means (he’s breaking news on OBL’s red-state strategery right now). And of course, you’ll check Drudge twenty times today.

And, for a different angle, check out Tradesports.com or even buy a few contracts yourself. Will the market predict the outcome better than the experts? You decide.

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