Job Opportunity

Charter schools are:

a) A silver bullet for what ails American education

b) The greatest threat to public education since Milton Friedman put pen to paper

c) A promising idea and work-in-progress that will require great effort going forward

d) A full-employment program for education reporters at The New York Times

If you answered ‘c’ then this job might be for you:

The Charter School Leadership Council is looking for a Vice President for Operations and Finance. This person will manage the Council’s day-to-day operations; collaborate with the President to establish and accomplish organizational goals and objectives, including long-term financial growth and sustainability; and provide advice, guidance, and direction on business matters. The successful candidate will have substantial management experience (5-10 years) with responsibility for finance and operations; keen understanding of the nonprofit finance and compliance environment; and excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills. Familiarity with education policy and charter schooling is a plus. An MBA or Master’s degree in a related field is required. Salary and benefits are competitive. For a full position description, contact CSLC at

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