WA State Charter Politics, NCLB IN NYC, Smith At The Helm…And, Boardbuzz Silence Watch!

More news from the anti-charter school referendum in Washington State. And, this article makes clear that the misinformation (and lack of information) about charter schools is probably the biggest obstacle that opponents of the referendum face.

American Enterprise Institute hosted an event about education stats with an interesting panel including NCES’ Lerner. You can read a summary here.

From NYC, back and forth on how the schools are implementing NCLB. Eva Moskowitz tirelessly bird dogs these issues there. NYT here, Daily News here, NY Post here. Post has the best lede…

The Charter School Leadership Council has a new president, longtime charter policy expert Nelson Smith. Press release here, Ed Week here.

Boardbuzz Silence Watch: Day 4 and still no comment about this ridiculous episode in San Diego…On Day 7 we call this guy

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