Serious $ Discussions, Hannaway Is Shocked!, More E-Rate…And, A Campaign 2004 Tip Sheet

NYT’s Winter writes up a new report by Ed Trust ace Kevin Carey about school finance. A lot of new data coming on this issue soon that should continue to shift the debate to a more empirical footing.

Yet another gem from NYT’s Freedman. His columns are consistently like a hot cup of coffee with Baileys (the favorite morning drink of this pajama person).

Ed Week’s Keller says that despite the high profile cases, there are fewer strikes by teachers these days. And Ed Week’s Olson writes up the San Diego Review (less the acrimony) and though it takes a lot to shock UI’s Jane Hannaway, Olson finds something that does!

Via a discussion on the paradox of choice, Jay Mathews writes about choosing colleges. There is a lot going on in this Andrew Wolfe column. And, here is a little more on unobligated funds.

New DC Sup’t Janey dismayed about the DC schools and vows change.

More debate about the E-Rate, good AP story will bring you up to speed if you haven’t been following this. More detail from Ed Week here.

In the wake of last night’s debate, here is a handy tip-sheet to the election.

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