NYT on Charters

Is this article what the rumor was about? If so, it’s not so bad. But it’s also not so good. Though some charter supporters will probably cry foul, it’s really more of a missed opportunity than a hit piece. It looks at charter schools through the lens of the anti-charter referendum in Washington State.

While citing some bipartisan and diverse support for charters the story implies that support is weakening. In fact, the opposite is true as groups like, for instance, the National Council of La Raza, get involved. Likewise, the business and conservatives v. public schools issue alignment does not do the complexity of the issue justice. And, a little too much on the “private” issue. Charter schools are public schools.

Still, overall impact on the debate? Negligible.

Update: This Week In Education’s Russo sucks up to The Times but in the process makes a good point about what’s potentially ahead.

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