More GAO, Moon Shots, Pumpkin Shots, Bad Santa On The Bard, And A Mr. Sun Haiku

Washington Post’s Mui writes about hired-gun parental advocates. NYT’s Schemo writes up the new GAO report.

Billy Bob Thorton holds forth and offers a critical assessment on Shakespeare, a must read for English teachers everywhere.

Finally, Gordon Cooper, one of the original Mercury astronauts (and a Gemini astronaut, too) and the last American to orbit the earth alone, died yesterday in California. As the country debates whether it’s feasible to ensure that every student can read and do math in grades 3-8, it’s worth remembering other daunting tasks the nation set itself to in the face of long odds and great skepticism.

Or even just tasks like this, for that matter…

Law students, don’t miss this useful letter, via Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun also offers a haiku on school fundraisers and encourages Eduwonk to violate copyrights (but he’s right about the Rauch Atlantic piece).

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