BoardBuzz Silence Watch Day 7

Boardbuzz broke their silence yesterday, but basically they write this off as poking fun at a public official who says something stupid when in fact it’s a bright-line example of the zealous ideology that too often clouds education policymaking. So, the referees are ruling it insufficient because it entirely dodges the point and the CD giveaway contest continues (unless you guessed yesterday in which case you’re free to appeal).

Incidentally, you all are a cynical bunch. Lots of contest entries about Fridays, days before holidays, and other “Jo Moore” days as Kaus would call them.

Incidentally II, Boardbuzz chides Eduwonk for highlighting studies that show charters schools are doing some good. True enough. But we also hightlight studies showing when they’re not and point out other problems in our work. We’re breathlessly awaiting similar balance….

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