Arthur Miller Meets Larry Flynt, A Good Idea in LA…And, Two School Finance Debates

Contra Costa Times writes up the new GAO report (pdf) from late last week about NCLB implementation. The report is worth checking out. Also, thanks to alert reader JS for pointing Eduwonk to the GAO’s name change.

Boardbuzz reports on a new play in NYC. It’s about a stripper and a school board but somehow not getting rave reviews. They’re bummed. Also from NY, the NY Sun looks at the charter debate there and Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz busts school report cards for not being very useful to parents. Incidentally, the report itself, which Eduwonk can’t find online right now, is another good example of why external accountability matters.

If Los Angeles AFL-CIO leader Miguel Contreras doesn’t neglect preparation issues, then this proposal is a really good idea on several levels.

Good day for school finance junkies. From NY here is Chester Finn’s testimony (pdf) in the case there and a rebuttal from The Campaign For Fiscal Equity. From MA, Robert M. Costrell from the state and Catherine A. Boudreau, president of the state teachers’ association debate the school finance case there. is back up and working!

Finally, it’s not a picture of a man reading My Pet Goat with a blank look on his face, but check this out anyway.

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