Two From BoardBuzz: False Hope And A Dilemma You’ve Probably Faced Yourself!

Boardbuzz takes note of the primary defeat of D.C. Councilman Kevin Chavous. They speculate, implicitly, that perhaps his support for vouchers had something to do with this. Sorry! According to plugged-in D.C. political types the race turned on economic development in neighborhoods that have not benefited from D.C.’s real estate boon. Voucher support was apparently considered something of a plus in the neighborhoods. As Kaus would say, that’s how the cocoon gets woven…And, what will Boardbuzz say when Ken Salazar wins the Senate race in CO? Better start planning that spin now!

Boardbuzz also has a very interesting write-up about a case in Pennsylvania’s Lower Merion School District where the community is debating whether the school district should sign a deal with Nike to market NBA star Kobe Bryant’s high school jersey.

Boardbuzz wants feedback from school board members who have faced similar situations. Sure. NBA star, accused of rape, criminal case dismissed under weird circumstances, civil suit ongoing, player wants to merchandise high school jersey…this stuff happens all the time.

Update! Indefatigable Eduwonk correspondent MS writes to say, “…if they can’t have vending machines in schools anymore, then they need to raise money somehow…maybe Michael Jackson has an old band uniform that could be sold.”

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