Politics In MD, A Good Idea In VA, Charter Politics…And, Two Edgy Papers From ECS

New school reform commission in MD. The politics of this one look to be interesting, check out the line-up…

In Virginia, Gov. Mark Warner has lined-up more help for struggling schools.

Two new papers from ECS that promise to stir some debate: Turning low-performing schools into charter schools and increasing the supply of good choices for parents. The latter is particularly good because it shows the challenges as well as the opportunities of this strategy.

In an interesting bit of irony, Robert Bifulco and Helen Ladd go to a state where charters are working pretty well to argue that they’re a bad idea because they’re not working so well elsewhere. Go figure…Bifulco and Ladd are right about NC, but their larger attack is pretty tired and social scientists should know better than to make such sweeping generalizations anyway.

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