Must-Read NYT, Important Abell, Action in WA, OH, and NY, And Cocktail Culture

If you only read one news story today, make it this column by Samuel Freedman. It will be a travesty if the NYT doesn’t keep him on. His work is a return to the nuance a news analysis column like this needs, and a far cry from this sort of stuff.

Important Abell Foundation report on special education, implications elsewhere.

Washington State voters could be embracing a smart synthesis of investing more in education and modernizing their schools.

NY Post’s Sager notes that while new schools for white affluent kids are non-controversial, ones for minority students are…

Been wondering how charter schools in Dayton are doing? Fordham Foundation has the answer.

Finally, it’s true what they say: Private schools do have their own culture. In this case, cocktail culture…

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