Klein Calls Out The Profs, Next Ed Next…And, A Siobhan Gorman Cameo!

NY Daily News’ Williams reports that Joel Klein is calling out the colleges and universities around Gotham. He’s challenging them to takeover failing schools. What’s the over-under on the number of schools that take him up on this (take the under…)?

The new Education Next is out. Among other highlights, VA Governor Warner discusses teacher quality, Rick Hess tackles education technology, Nathan Glazer reviews the controversial Samuel Huntington book “Who Are We”, former education ace now homeland security star Siobhan Gorman does an education cameo looking at the inherent conflicts in supplemental services, Diane Ravitch reviews the new Kathy Boudin book (as in book about Kathy…), and two looks at Brown.

Interesting column from CA that pretty much dovetails with what a lot of D’s and R’s out there have been privately saying…via Educationnews.org.

And, another interesting one on the Wash Post op-ed page about cheating by Lawrence Hinman.

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