Greg Richmond: Charter Authorizer Extraordinaire, Sandy Kress: Poet, Schorr and Weintraub: Insightful…And, Crank Call Ryan Sager!

Chicago Sun Times takes a look at charter authorizer extraordinaire Greg Richmond.

New data on Historically Black Colleges and Universities from NCES. Lots of interesting and important stuff in here. One striking finding: In 2001, more than one-fifth (22 percent) of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to African-Americans were from HBCUs. But, this is down from 35 percent in 1977.

Wanna crank call NY Post editorial writer and blogger Ryan Sager? Well, you’re out of luck: This letter to the NYT’s Public Editor Xs out his phone number. But, it’s a pretty good look at some of the problems with the NYT’s charter school reporting although he does not get into the chart. In Eduwonk’s view that’s probably the most misleading part of the whole sorry episode. He also trots out Topo’s new study. This isn’t quite fair in this context because it came after the Times story. They could, of course, revisit the issue.

Jonathan Schorr in the Wash. Post and Daniel Weintraub in the Sac. Bee discuss charter schools.

CMS looks at student expulsions. Good and important piece, one quibble. NCLB’s provisions on this (which Eduwonk is no fan of anyway) are having no effect because they’re basically being gamed. Look elsewhere for culprits.

Bush education advisor Sandy Kress (apparently channeling e.e. cummings) answers questions from Education Week readers here. The guy can sell…

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