Breaking News: Substantiated Rumor…Lifeboat Time For The Leaders?

Is Education Leaders Council going under? The organization’s travails are no secret but here’s a new development:

The Caribe Royale Resort and Convention Center, where their annual conference was supposed to be held in a few weeks, reports that all reservations and room blocks have been cancelled.

Anyone with more information, please email Eduwonk at: education AT dlcppi DOT org.

Stay tuned…

Update: Reports of layoffs/downsizing…And, one connected reader says, “I don’t think they were expecting the hotel to blab.” Don’t blame the hotel, Eduwonk’s tipster was just surprised to learn the conference was cancelled when he/she went to make a reservation…

Is it time to Follow The Leaders to the lifeboats? A lot of taxpayer dollars tied up here though, women, children, and non-competitive federal grants first?

Update II: Another connected reader says it’s all weather related and that Eduwonk is all wet, so to speak…Eduwonk doesn’t buy that excuse though because (a) no mass email letting the world know and (b) you can’t predict a hurricane a few days out, the conference is still weeks away! If it’s concern about damage, still weeks away, too, and the hotel says it’s fine. Also, too many other emails going the other way, on a Friday evening no less…

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