Return to Regular Order…And, President Bush’s Blog?

A big thanks to Richard Colvin and Sara Mead for their great contributions this past two weeks. Eduwonk is back so we’re returning to regular (or irregular as the case may be) order.

One vacation related note: Local press coverage of No Child Left Behind in Alaska was interesting to read. The achievement gap as it impacts native students (and the narrowing of this gap by many schools in the past couple of years) was getting a lot of attention. The Eduwife’s fishing exploits, however, were more attention grabbing…

Other things as Eduwonk digs through his email box and becomes an ever-stronger supporter of anti-spam legislation:

The Education Trust has a handy guide to the NCLB data that is coming out right now.

Education Commission of the States has taken a look at school improvement efforts in Baltimore. Case study here, policy brief here.

And it turns out that President Bush is a blogger

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