Monday’s News — and BONUS Back to School Fashion Tips!

The National AFT has affirmed a highly contested Chicago Federation of Teachers election, ruling that Marilyn Stewart did fairly unseat incumbent Deborah Lynch, who had refused to hand over the office alleging election irregulaties rendered the vote invalid.

This weekend’s Washington Post magazine took an interesting look at military recruiters working to attract high school students to the armed forces post-graduation. NCLB requires that schools provide access to military recruiters, an issue that’s become contentious in some communities.

Also in this Sunday’s Washington Post, John Merrow considers the DC superintendent search.

More school finance action in Texas courts and the Massachusetts legislature.

A federal court has ruled that Americorps members can work as teachers in parochial schools, but only if Americorps puts in place new (potentially burdensome) monitoring procedures to ensure that Americorps supported teachers aren’t delivering religious instruction. More than 500 Americorps volunteers now teach in sectarian schools. Americorps, which now requires volunteers to certify only that they haven’t provided religious teaching during time counted to their service obligations, is expected to appeal.

A Lexington Herald-Leader article inexplicably criticizes NCLB for holding schools — rather than parents — responsible for student learning, while ignoring that the achievement and teacher quality data NCLB generates actually make it possible for parents to play a more informed and active role in their children’s education. (Check out this book for more ideas on how parents can use data and make good, informed decisions about their children’s schools.)

Ironically, President Bush announced support for ending “legacy” admissions at elite universities. Hmmmm, didn’t John Edwards champion that idea in the primaries?

Finally, just in time for back to school shopping, the Arizona Republic takes and interesting look at students’ fashion choices, while this article looks at the big business side of back to school retail. And, for those deliberating over first day of school attire, this game is cute.

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