Merrow On St. Louis, Finn Is On-Board, Glenn On College Grad Rates…And, A Horror Show in WI

John Merrow takes an interesting look at St. Louis for The News Hour. Transcript and video here.

If you’re following the AFT-NYT charter school flap this Gadfly op-ed by Chester Finn is a must-read for background on the story. Finn also seems to be a member of the (ever-growing) don’t mistake ineptness for nefarioiusness school of thought! Gadfly also highlights a case of poor charter authorizing and makes an important pitch for quality. Also, DC Educationblog apparently didn’t get the memo that charters are bad, because he’s touting a new charter initiative in Washington…(he has a bunch about the new DC sup’t too).

Hippies, enjoy an NYT Flashback here.

NCES has a new data tool for comparing school district spending. Quick! Analyze before they bury the data!

Chronicle of Higher Education’s Glenn writes up an interesting new study about institutional factors affecting college graduation rates. Well worth reading.

Paul Hill writes that it’s time to expand our idea of what a school is and expand ways of funding them. Mathew Yglesias says sweeten the pot of federal education aid…and link it to something that states really give a damn about!

If this account is accurate, it is really awful and deserves more attention. It seems ready-made for some shout show on cable or a more serious treatment.

Charles Conrad, who was the executive director of OCRE (Organizations Concerned About Rural Education) passed away August, 14. This Wash. Post obit has some highlights, WWII service including Iwo Jima, active in politics in North Dakota, and running OCRE. It doesn’t, however, mention one other very important thing: He was a class act.

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