Action On Student Loans, Federal Budget Nostalgia…And, Cheap Shot Thwarted!

TICAS, a new organization started by former Clinton White House aide Robert Shireman has released its first report. It’s sure not a ringing endorsement of the student loan industry! But, if you follow this issue it is very much worth reading, as is this must read from NYT’s Winter about student loans.

Does rooting for/against federal education spending really float your boat? Then you won’t want to miss this new compendium of data spanning 1980-2003 from NCES. You can relive the lean years, the fat years, it’s all here for a great trip down memory lane!

More on single-sex classes from CNN. Via Endless Faculty Meeting.

Attempted charter cheap shot in Dayton, OH, thwarted by good reporting. And, things are heating up on the anti-charter referendum in WA.

Finally, these new poverty and health insurance numbers are bad news.

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