Wednesday’s News…Cocktail Edition. And, the overlooked hilarity of the achievement gap!

NY Daily News reports that First Daughter Jenna Bush wants to teach at a charter school in New York. Long hours though, surely gonna conflict with happy hour…

Black and Hispanic students leave high school, on average, four grade levels behind white students. This is on top of an average 50 percent dropout rate for minorities. Yet these people think it’s hilarious!

In the NYT another Freedman gem. He writes about Latino displeasure with bilingual education programs in New York. A counterintuitive story that doesn’t get enough attention. Public Agenda looked at this a few years back, too. Two thoughts: (A) Al Shanker understood this and (B) This is a classic case of interest-group disconnect.

Speaking of Shanker, in the Wash Post Jay Mathews writes up Sandy Feldman’s impending retirement from the AFT. This is very important on a couple of levels.

New incentives for National Board Certified Teachers in PA. Would be nice if they were targeted to help poor communities.

Good news from the Arthur Academy, a public charter school in Oregon. Impressive results and plans for replication. But remember, despite this, it’s very important that people organize to make sure schools like this can’t open…

This letter looks like another constituency realizes that NCLB provides real leverage for under-served groups…

Ed Week readers, including former governors Barnes and Hunt, weigh in on all sorts of stuff (some serious and some silly) here (reg). And, Ed Week’s Keller writes up the NEA’s convention. Some interesting nuggets buried in here.

LA Times readers weigh in on Riordan-gate.

Joanne Jacobs offers one more reason to be suspicious of the French!

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