Two From The Convention: A Nice Student Story…And, NCLB Foes Lose Touch With Reality

Boston Globe reports on some middle school students covering the convention for their school newspaper.

And, from an anti-NCLB ad in the Globe:

Passed by a bipartisan vote, NCLB will close the majority of American elementary schools, or will allow them to be taken over by the state or profit-making businesses. NCLB. . .

*Shifts control of most aspects of education from states to Washington ideologues

*Drives students and teachers out of schools and encourages lying about the facts

*Limits and proscribes educational research

*Bases all decision-making on test scores

*Labels effective schools as failing and effective teachers as unqualified

*Controls who may teach and how they teach

*Mandates archaic methods and materials

*Uses blacklists to banish professionals, institutions, methods, and books

*Punishes diversity in schools

*Is unconstitutional

Well, they got one right.  It apparently does encourage lying about the facts. 

Who paid for this ad anyway?  Can’t be cheap in the convention supplement.  That sounds like a good question for Ed Week’s reporter on the scene to look into…seemingly more interesting than buttons

Update:  Turns out, according to a reliable source, that the ad only cost about $11K, which is, almost, chump change.  In fact, by Eduwonk’s rough estimate it’s only about $733 per falsehood — a real bargain in today’s economy!  Anyway, forget the previous question.

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