Thursday’s News…CA Dysfunction, Accusations in NYC, And, iPods All Around!

Excellent Peter Schrag column about California’s school governance woes.  Schrag says that Riordan’s recent gaffe is symbolic of larger systemic problems.  Via Schoolwise Press.

In Los Angeles favorable reviews for the school district’s new administrator training program.  In Minnesota, the same for the new state education chief there.

In NYC less favorable reviews for New York Governor Pataki’s approach to the NYC schools.  And, in Newsday, Sheryl McCarthy has less than kind words for Bloomberg-Klein.

Washington Times writes up the Department of Education’s recent NCLB summit…they like it!   And, AP reports that President Bush will lay out a new plan for high school reform…one day.

In Chicago, the mayor’s new school initiative is getting dragged into the teachers’ union election there.

Arizona is challenging a U.S. Department of Education policy that makes for-profit charter schools ineligible for federal funds (non-profit charters or charters that contract with for-profit companies can already receive federal funds). 

New 21st Century Schools Project Bulletin available now. 

Dan Drezner offers his thoughts on the recent Chicago Tribune series on NCLB and p.s. choice.   And Hip Teacher and Joanne Jacobs both take note of Duke’s decision to give students iPods.

And, if Eduwonk’s email is a guide, many people are still wondering, who is Hans Moleman?

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