More Liberal Union Busting…It’s Not Just For Graduate Students!

What happens when National Education Association state affiliates get into labor disputes with their unionized employees?  Well, as it turns out, solidarity and pro-labor positions are the first thing to go.  As this new report (PDF) shows, in multiple instances over the last decade the NEA has used the same hardball tactics against its own employees that are rightly denounced when employed elsewhere.  

“…unfair labor practice charges and restraining orders. Circumvents the other side’s negotiators. Threatens to replace employees who go on strike. Cuts off employee health insurance coverage. Crosses picket lines. 


Are these the tactics an unenlightened corporation or reactionary entrepreneur uses against workers? No, they are standard operating procedures whenever state affiliates of the National Education Association (NEA) enter labor negotiations with their own employees.”

They’ve even called the Pinkertons!

Although the outfit publishing the report looks pretty right leaning,  they seem to have the facts here.   Hans Moleman should write about this…

Perverse Irony Afterthought:  This makes all the nonsensical rhetoric from state NEA affliliates about charter schools being a union busting tool all the more ironic.  If they were, then these guys would probably be opening them! 

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  1. I was just talking to an employee of Cambridge, MA’s “Harvest CO-OP”, and she said that this “natural” food store and alleged pro-labor, pro-fair trade organization is rife with spying, worker intimidation, and arbitrary firings.Doesn’t it just figure that the people who set themselves up as so worker-freindly are usually pretty rotten to work for.

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