More Charter School Flip-Flopping In WA State

Former WA State Superintendent and onetime charter supporter Judith Billings is signaling that she’s going to jump in the race for the state sup’t slot there. It’s no secret that the incumbent isn’t popular with the state teachers’ union (WEA) because she — gasp — supports the state’s standards program and –double gasp — public charter schools, too.

Billings, a one-time charter supporter (she co-chaired the pro-charter referendum in 2000), has had a change of heart.

Seattle Times:

Billings also said she now opposes charter schools, a hot-button issue for the WEA, which is working to repeal [charter school] legislation passed this spring…

Charters are proving to be a very potent tool for recruiting pliant candidates in Wash. State. Is the WEA sure it wants to get rid of them?

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